We would not be who we are without our amazing staff. Each of them has been thoroughly vetted and hand-picked before they become employees of the firm. Michael, a graduate of the UNLV paralegal course, scored the highest marks in all his classes. Robin, a prior grassroots field associate for a nonpartisan political think tank, also graduated top of her class. Sensing a pattern? Brigette, the first face you see when you visit, not only has a winning smile, but a keen intellect and charming personality.



Michael has proved motivated and purpose driven in everything he does, and has already achieved more in his short professional career than many will accomplish in their lifetimes—including being Emmy nominated. He does not settle for anything second-rate, and neither have we in Michael.


Meet Robin

Robin came to our firm with a diverse and dedicated political and legal background. With a dual degree in political science and criminal justice from UNLV, involvement in grassroots political organizations, history as a congressional intern, and thousands of hours of selfless community service, Robin fits right in with Parry & Pfau.


Meet Brigette

If you find yourself smiling right when you enter our office, it's probably because of Brigette's contagious good humor. She lights up the office, and you'll find you can't help but be happy when she's around.