We would not be who we are without our amazing staff. Each of them has been thoroughly vetted and hand-picked before they become employees of the firm. Sam was one of Zach's first paralegal graduates, scored at the top of her class, and interned at the firm while she was a student. Michael, also a graduate of the UNLV paralegal course, scored the highest marks in all his classes. Erin, a prior law enforcement officer, also graduated top of her class. Sensing a pattern? Ofelia went through a two-tiered interviewing process where she was not only interviewed in-house, but also starred in our Spanish-langauge commercial before she was ever offered the position.



Michael has proved motivated and purpose driven in everything he does, and has already achieved more in his short professional career than many will accomplish in their lifetimes—including being Emmy nominated. He does not settle for anything second-rate, and neither have we in Michael.


Meet samantha

Samantha is a personal injury paralegal who knows a lot about litigation, but focuses her efforts on the pre-litigation phase of the case. But she's much more than that. Before coming to the firm, she ran a family-owned and operated Chinese restaurant. She's also a dedicated foodie who is always good for a recommendation for good food.


Meet Ofelia

Ofelia has been working for personal injury firms for years. And she was the star of Parry & Pfau's first tv commercial—playing the victim of an off-screen car crash. She is bilingual, cheerful, and has more fashion sense then all the men in the office combined.


Meet Erin

As a prior law enforcement officer, Erin understands the importance of the legal process. But whereas she used to make criminal arrests when people broke the law, now she helps victims of injury with private enforcement of civil wrongs.