Instructions for Applying for the Parry & Pfau $1,500 Scholarship

  • Record a one- to two-minute video responding to the following prompt (video can be filmed on a smartphone, digital camera/camcorder or webcam and must be recorded in the “landscape” (long) format rather than “portrait” (tall) format): 
    • Car crashes don't happen by accident. Explain why the word, "accident" is not an accurate description of a motor vehicle collision. Originality is crucial. Creativity is a must. Humor is appreciated if you can implement it without making light of a serious subject.
  • Upload the video to Youtube. Make sure you put "Parry & Pfau Scholarship 2018" in the title of the video. Instructions for uploading a video to YouTube can be found here.
  • Like Parry & Pfau's Facebook Page

  • Post a link to your video on Parry & Pfau's Facebook page. Include the hashtag #P2Scholarship.

  • Fill out the scholarship application, below.

The deadline to complete the application is July 31, 2018. All four items above must be complete for the application to be considered. The scholarship recipient will be notified by August 15, 2018.

Please note that to be eligible for a scholarship with Parry & Pfau, you must record and upload a 1–2 minute video to YouTube. To complete the forms on this page, you will need a link to your video, so if you have not already recorded and uploaded a video, please do so before filling out this form. Follow this link for instructions on how to upload a YouTube video.

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