Opposing Party Testimonials 

As much as we like hearing good things from our clients, sometimes we are just as proud of the bad things the opposing party is saying. It's not that we want to make anyone unhappy, but in an adversarial system, a win for our clients mean the opposing party walks away with a loss.

Unfortunately, some people try to make themselves feel better about losing by making personal attacks or accusations against the victor.

It does make a difference which attorney you hire.

Here is a collection of opposing party testimonials:

Trent henrickson.jpg
—Trent Henrickson

against whom we got a $2.227 Million Judgment

I received a highly inappropriate, and very ill written, immature letter from Zach.

I have to say, [he] come[s] up lacking. Severely.

I would highly suggest hiring a different lawyer, one that is not so preoccupied with his own families [sic] drama and antics.
— Nicole Eisman

who stopped stalking our client after getting our cease and desist letter

Look how dumb they are. Tackless [sic], unprofessional, presumptive and simply stupid. What do you call an attorney that graduates bottom of his class? Zack [sic]
— Carline Von Gardner

against whom we got a $14,000 judgment for our client

I’m just now heading into an arbitration against this firm. They took over a lien against my home from a fraudulent contractor who overbilled, did shoddy work, did not do many items on the list of things that they were required to do, and did work out of the scope of the contract without prior authorization (which the contract clearly and explicitly requires). Correct me if I’m wrong but shouldn’t they have read the contract before agreeing to file the lien against my home for the contractor in the first place? If I were looking for an attorney I would probably start with one that can and will read the contract before taking the case.
— Gary Lindsey

who lost the arbitration to the tune of $86,000

Zach got his degree from Guatemala inmates direct mail, online law school. In his free time Zach enjoys pick pocketing homeless vets.
— Robert Lauer

who had to pay $6,000 in attorney's fees when his frivolous fraud complaint against my client got thrown out

Aren’t you a dandy?
— Janet Markley

an attorney, speaking to Zach after a hearing where the judge awarded $2,600 in fees against her client

I’m getting fed up with you .... My current experience with you is that you are not acting in good faith, but rather hunkering down to defend your mistake in the most adversarial of ways.... I am done assuming that you are acting in good faith or ethically. You better fight this upcoming motion to disqualify hard, because we will take it to the bar next. Then comes the lawsuits for violating ethical duties.
— Stephen Stubbs

an attorney, after we got a judgment against his client for $371,264.44 plus $65.38 in daily interest

It has been my observation over the years Mr. Parry that the thicker my file, the more money I lost. It is the thin files working with competent and friendly lawyers that make everyone money. It is a shame you fail to understand that concept.
— David Fishman

an opposing party against whom one of our clients has an $80,000 judgment


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