Ofelia Acevedo

Ofelia is the face of Parry & Pfau. She's the first person you see when you walk through the door, and the last person you see before you leave.

Ofelia interviewed with several bilingual candidates for a receptionist opening. The second interview was the shooting of our Spanish television commercial. She showed up ready to film and ended up getting a speaking role (she played the victim of a car crash).

Such was her dedication to her role, that we offered her a full-time position, where she has shown the same level of dedication.

In fact, though we hired her as a receptionist, she was soon more of a legal assistant and is now Parry & Pfau's official attorney wrangler.

Contact OFELIA 

Focus: Keeping those P2 attorneys in line
T: 702 879 9555
E: ofelia@p2lawyers.com
Language: Spanish



"Ofelia is the kind of person who can brighten anyone's day with a smile. For many clients, Ofelia is the first person they meet at Parry & Pfau, and Ofelia's interactions with them enhance their experience and do us proud."

—Zach Parry

"Ofelia handles much of our firm's bankruptcy practice, which involves complicated forms and frequent client interaction. Ofelia handles the files with exceptional competence and skill."

Matt Pfau