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Matthew Pfau

Matthew Pfau has spent his entire professional life working with individuals and businesses, one on one, to help them solve their problems. Matthew’s ability to communicate and connect with each of his clients has set him apart from other practitioners in his same fields of legal expertise. And, because of the reputation he has earned in the community Matthew has received many accolades including being named “Legal Elite” by the Nevada Business Journal.

Matthew began working in the field of Estate Planning immediately out of law school because he knew that this field was going to allow him help people in a way that would positively impact the remainder of their lives. As his practice in Estate Planning grew, so did his love for the area of law and his expertise in the field. He has now assisted countless individuals and families of all financial backgrounds protect their hard earned assets through estate planning techniques.

Because of client demand, Matthew also added additional practice areas to his fields of expertise. Probate was a natural fit for an expansion of his expertise. When clients’ family members were neglectful of their estate plan, Matthew’s clients would call him for help managing the estate through the probate process. He now provides probate services in both Nevada and California.

Another area of law that Matthew naturally moved into was the field of Estate and Probate Litigation. When difficulties arise because a Will or Trust that does not providing the protection it intended, Matthew steps in to protect the rights of individuals who stand to lose their inheritance. He is a zealous advocate for his clients in court.

Matthew now serves on the Las Vegas PBS Planned Giving Counsel which allows him to continue giving back to the community that he grew up in. Through the PBS Planned Giving Counsel he has the opportunity to advise donors on the most advantageous means to provide charitable donations. Matthew also regularly provides public seminars through PBS to educate the public on to best means to distribute assets to individuals and charities.

Prior to co-founding Parry & Pfau, Matthew worked as a consultant with a multi-national organization advising business executives on business management efficiency, and also managed his own law firm serving clients in the fields of estate planning, business law and bankruptcy.  Matthew’s diverse background contributes significant value to any project he works on.  Matthew is a graduate from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Whittier Law School.

Matt is a member in good standing with the State Bar of Nevada and the California State Bar Association. Matt is admitted to practice before all District Courts in the State of Nevada, the U.S. Federal District Court for the District of Nevada, the District Courts in the State of California, the U.S. Federal District Court for the District of California, and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.


Focus: Estate Matters (Planning, Probate, Estate Litigation)
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"Matt Pfau is a trusted professional to help you and your family through the legalities of a trust and estate planning. You will be treated with the attention and respect you deserve."
—Lisa B.

"I have consulted with Matt on estate planning. I was impressed with his ability to ask the right questions to understand our needs. He is thoroughly knowledgeable about not only estate law but the needs of families. Matt is establishing a trust for my wife and I and I’m very glad to be a client of Matt’s."

—Dan Y.

"Matt always takes the time to ensure his clients fully understand their choices and aligning those with their needs to create an excellent Family or Personal Trust. I highly recommend him and the services he offers to my clients without reservation."

—Mark C.

"Mr. Pfau assisted my husband and I with filing a Declaration of Homestead and nomination of guardians for our children. Everyone we've come into contact with in the office has been extremely professional and courteous. I will absolutely recommend Mr. Pfau to anyone needing an attorney, and plan to visit him again when we're prepared to set up a family trust."

—Jaime H.