Parry & Pfau
880 SEVEN HILLS DR #210 Henderson, Nevada 89052

Krista Haak

Krista is the face of Parry & Pfau. She's the first person you see when you walk through the door, and the last person you see before you leave.

Interesting facts about Krista:

  • 60% of the photos ever taken of her feature her wearing Minnie Mouse ears.
  • She likes redheads.
  • She is a survivor of the Route 91 attacks (and so dedicated we had to send her home when she came in the next morning).

Krista is now Parry & Pfau's official attorney wrangler.

Contact kristA 

Focus: Keeping those P2 attorneys in line
T: 702 879 9555
Language: Rancho Cucamongan




"Krista is the kind of person who can brighten anyone's day with a smile. For many clients, Krista is the first person they meet at Parry & Pfau, and Krista's interactions with them enhance their experience and do us proud."

—Zach Parry

"Krista is da bomb."

Matt Pfau