David P. Hess

Dave is not your stereotypical corn-fed mid-western. Yes, his roots are in Indiana, but he didn't receive his education in a barn.

Dave opted to receive a higher education at his father's alma-mater, Indiana State University. During the four years, he joined a fraternity, known as Phi Gamma Delta ("FIJI"). Throughout his tenure, accolades-speaking, Dave strived to have a well-rounded education.

Having graduated in May 2007, Dave successfully completed his baccalaureate studies in Criminology, graduating with a stellar GPA. Dave also received dual minors in Business Administration and Psychology.

After graduation, Dave exercised his versatility, hands on, by serving as a middle manager for a restaurant known for southern hospitality, the Cracker Barrel. Yet, Dave grew bored estimating daily food and labor costs, and decided to make a career change.

In 2009, Dave successfully obtained his paralegal certificate, from Roosevelt University in the "Windy City," Chicago, Illinois. The post-baccalaureate program was accredited by the American Bar Association. The paralegal education encompassed an intense/fast-paced eight course program for eighteen weeks. Dave excelled with honors in Legal Writing, Legal Research, Legal Technology, and Pre-Trial Litigation. 

Tired of dealing with the bitter cold, Dave relocated to the consistently hot, Las Vegas, Nevada to embark in his legal career.

Today, Dave has progressed into a fast-paced, high-demand role. Overall his legal experience has been composed of aggressive and thorough pre-litigation and litigation support, with experience in both Plaintiff (Personal Injury) and Insurance Defense work.  Dave also dabbles in general civil litigation work, including fraud and breach of contract cases. 

Contact DAVE 

Focuses: Personal Injury, Civil Litigation
T: 702 879 9555
E: dave@p2lawyers.com

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"Dave is what every attorney wants in a paralegal—consistently punctual, exceptionally professional, deferential to the clients, and extremely hard working."

—Zach Parry

"Dave has the uncanny ability to remember almost every fact about the cases he is working on. Regularly, the attorneys he works with will quiz him regarding his cases just to try to stump him and they almost always walk away defeated by Dave’s memory.
"Dave cares about the clients he works with and it shows by his detailed attention to his cases. When one of Dave’s cases close and the client gets exactly what they wanted (and more), Dave is nearly as excited as the client. You will love working with him.

Matt Pfau