Brigette Castillo

Brigette is the face of Parry & Pfau. She's the first person you see when you walk through the door, and the last person you see before you leave. And you'll be glad she is. You're day will be better because of her.

Interesting facts about Brigette:

  • Brigette was a founding member of the Sunrise Mountain broadcasting program, where she was a reporter, anchor, and video technician;
  • Brigette is an experienced hip-hop dancer;
  • Brigette is a certified bartender; and
  • Brigette is the oldest of eight siblings;

Brigette is now Parry & Pfau's official legalese interpreter.

Contact Brigette 

Focus: Keeping those P2 attorneys in line
T: 702 879 9555
Language: Spanish




"Brigette is the kind of person who can brighten anyone's day with a smile. For many clients, Brigette is the first person they meet at Parry & Pfau, and Brigette's interactions with them enhance their experience and do us proud."

—Zach Parry

"Brigette is da bomb."

Matt Pfau