Why Including Medical Payments Coverage on Your Auto Insurance Policy Matters

It is important to know that you are not paying such high insurance premiums that you are left without money for anything else, particularly emergencies such as car accidents and their resulting injuries. Even if you have car insurance coverage, you should know that there is another type of insurance you can add to your policy. Not only is this additional coverage one of the least expensive, but it also covers most of what other insurance products do not as a result of deductibles and copayments. 

Understanding MedPay

The above described additional type of insurance coverage is referred to as MedPay. In the state  of Nevada, drivers are not required to purchase MedPay coverage. That being said, insurance companies offering coverage in the state are required to offer MedPay coverage in amounts starting at $1,000 and higher. This coverage is useful because MedPay can be used to pay for your health insurance copayments and deductibles. Below are several reasons why you should strongly consider purchasing MedPay coverage and adding it to your Nevada car insurance policy:

  • Since MedPay coverage is a “no-fault” system, a claim can be made on the coverage even if you yourself caused the accident;

  • MedPay coverage has no copayments or deductibles, making it an ideal addition to personal health insurance coverage as it can cover the costs of copayments and deductibles on the health insurance policy;

  • Compared to other insurance products, the premiums for MedPay are relatively inexpensive for the additional coverage it provides and filing a claim with MedPay will not negatively affect your car insurance premiums;

  • Because there is no waiting period for MedPay, unlike car insurance claims which can take months to pay out, you can make a claim for benefits immediately after an accident;

  • MedPay allows for benefits to be used for any reasonable medical expense, even those your health insurance refuses to cover;

  • MedPay’s limit of liability on coverage is $10,000.00 per person in the vehicle, not per vehicle, limited to the actual amount of medical expenses incurred;

  • MedPay coverage follows you, meaning that if you are involved in an accident outside of the state of Nevada, are a passenger in another vehicle, or are on in-state or out-of-state public transportation, or are a pedestrian, you are still covered if you are hurt; and

  • Unlike most health insurance pay-outs, MedPay benefits do not need to be paid back at settlement.

More information on MedPay coverage can be found at the  website for the Nevada Division of Insurance (NDI). In addition to looking up this information at the NDI, you should contact your car insurance agent and ask for a quote for MedPay coverage.

Car Accident Help in Las Vegas

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(image courtesy of Ken Treloar)