Seat Belt Safety: Nevada Car Accidents

All vehicles come equipped with safety devices – some that are state-of-the-art with cutting-edge features. Despite technological advances in safety features, none can match the benefits that a traditional seat belt provides. In fact, studies show that seat belts save more than 13,000 lives each year. Nonetheless, drivers and passengers on America’s roads still neglect to use this life-saving and simple feature while in their vehicles.

Debunking Seat Belt Myths

There are several myths about seat belt safety and car accidents that often play a part as to why so many do not buckle up. These include:

  • Lack of comfort: If adjusted correctly, a seatbelt should not be uncomfortable to the wearer. Should the seat belt need further adjustment beyond its factory setting, there are extenders and clips that may be purchased at a local car dealership or auto parts store. A seat belt’s shoulder belt should fit across the shoulder and chest, while the lap belt should fit across the upper thighs.

  • Trapped in a crash: Car accidents that involve water or fire account for less than half of 1% of all collisions on America’s roads. Yet, the fear of being trapped in a vehicle in the event a car accident that involves water submersion or fire is the cause of failing to wear seat belts. In fact, a seat belt will help prevent a car accident victim from being knocked unconscious – allowing him or her to be able to escape the danger.

  • Short distance drive: Many believe if the destination is close by, there is no need to buckle up. Routine trips, however, are statistically the most dangerous. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports the most traffic fatalities often happen within 25 miles of the victim’s home and at speeds of less than 40 MPH. This is because the more familiar a driver is with the route, the higher the likelihood he or she will engage in distracted driving.

  • Air bags are enough: While airbags are important vehicle safety features, they are designed to protect passengers that are buckled in their seatbelts. Simply put, the seat belt places a person in the position where he or she can benefit from a deployed airbag in the event of a crash. Failure to wear a seat belt can cause your body to move or be ejected from the vehicle.

The above myths are not only wrong, but are life-threatening. Studies show that car accident victims who use their seat belts have a higher chance of surviving a crash.

Car Accident Attorneys

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