The Types of Lawyers to Avoid in Your Las Vegas Personal Injury Case

Choosing a personal injury lawyer is not an easy task. Moreover, it is an important one as the attorney you choose can ultimately affect the outcome of your case. What is worse, there are ads everywhere in Nevada promoting lawyers. Some lawyers advertise their services in areas of the law in which they do not have much experience. Still, others solicit accident victims directly in violation of bar ethics rules. No matter what legal matter you may be facing, be sure to choose an attorney who is knowledgeable, experienced, and trustworthy. Going for the cheapest option may not result in the best representation for your case.

Steer Clear of These Counselors

Below is a list of the types of attorneys that you should avoid when trying to choose legal representation for your Las Vegas personal injury case. Avoiding these individuals can help you narrow your options when choosing a Nevada personal injury lawyer to handle your legal matter.

  • All settlements, all the time: Often referred to as “settlement mills,” these personal injury firms handle a large volume of cases (as in the 100s). Their business model is to focus on mass-producing settlements. These firms often spend lots of money in advertising and use TV, radio, and billboards to promote their firms. In such setups, attorneys are unable to give proper attention to their cases and clients rarely speak with them directly. Because these firms turn over cases quickly and do not prepare for trial, they often settle the matters for less than what they are worth.

  • Ambulance chasers: This derogatory term is often used to describe all personal injury attorneys, although the generalization is not true. There are, however, actual ambulance chasers in the industry. These attorneys either directly, or through a third party, attempt to solicit personal injury victims. The firm hires help, known as “runners,” to show up at hospitals or accident scenes and provide the attorneys’ information to the injured parties. These runners are not only paid by the law firm, but they also have contacts at the police department or hospital to get the contact information of injured victims. This method of obtaining clients is against ethical rules. Steer clear of an attorney who is willing to violate the ethical rules to which he or she is bound.

  • The sanctioned attorney: While sometimes attorneys, even good ones, make mistakes, you should be cautious of a lawyer who has been disciplined or sanctioned by the state bar. This is because Nevada’s Bar does not sanction attorneys for minor infractions. The best way to research whether or not a Nevada attorney has been sanctioned is to look him or her up on the Nevada State Bar website and search disciplinary history.

  • The Jack of All Trades: There are many lawyers out there who are “generalists,” as in they practice in several different areas of the law. These firms are easy to pick out because their websites often have a long list of practice areas. It is nearly always better to find an attorney who specializes in your particular legal matter, including personal injury law. Just like you want an experienced brain surgeon, not a knee specialist, operating on your brain, you do not want a generalist handling your personal injury claim.

Personal Injury Help

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(image courtesy of Matthew T. Rader)