How to Prevent Las Vegas Pedestrian Accidents

It is no surprise that the Las Vegas Strip is busy place with bright lights and diversions for every taste. Unfortunately, the Las Vegas Strip can also be overwhelming, dangerous, and overcrowded. While the city’s streets are often filled with vacationers trying to navigate Las Vegas there are also taxis and ride-sharing cars such as Uber and Lyft. As a result, the sidewalks on the Las Vegas strip are covered by mobs of people trying to find their way to their destinations as well as take in the lights and sounds of the city. Unfortunately, all of this is a recipe for car accident-related pedestrian injuries.

Staying Safe in Las Vegas

When a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, the injuries sustained are often severe and sometimes fatal. According to Nevada’s State Office of Traffic Safety (NSOTS) and Nevada’s Department of Transportation (NDOT), pedestrian deaths have been on the rise over the years. In 2017 alone, 100 pedestrians were fatally struck in Nevada, up from 80 deaths in 2016 and 73 in 2015 according to data reported on the departments’ joint website Not surprisingly, the city of Las Vegas has passed several initiatives in an effort to curb pedestrian deaths. As can be seen, however, over the past several years, the number of pedestrian deaths has increased, not decreased, causing heavy criticism on the effectiveness of these measures.

Below are several ways in which you can keep yourself and your family safe when walking down Las Vegas streets:

  • Wear reflective and bright clothing: Nighttime is the most vulnerable time for pedestrians walking on Las Vegas streets despite all the hustle and bustle in the city. Be sure to wear clothing that is light in color as well as accessories that reflect the light so that you will be more easily seen by drivers;

  • Stay away from obstructors: Whether it is a parked car, truck, bus, bushes, columns, or any other object that keeps drivers from being able to see you - stay clear of them.

  • Always use designated walkways: Be sure to use crosswalks, sidewalks, and other marked areas for pedestrian traffic. If there are none, be sure to walk facing oncoming traffic to ensure everyone can see each other to help avoid an accident;

  • Pay heed to traffic signals: There is no need to rush to cross the street, especially a busy one like those in Las Vegas. Once the flashing red hand or ‘don’t walk’ signals are in view, stay on the sidewalk and do not cross. Bending the rules or pushing your luck can result in tragedy;

  • Get rid of any and all distractions: Safety should be the biggest focus for you. Put away your cell phone, turn off the music, remove your headphones, and be sure to make use of all your senses so that you are well aware of your surroundings in the city;

  • Keep sober or stay put: While drinking and driving is an obvious no-no, the same can be said of walking while drunk. This is particularly true in a busy area like the Las Vegas Strip. If you are too inebriated to make it to your hotel, call a friend, a cab, or a ride-sharing car before trying to walk to your destination.

Seek Legal Help

Pedestrian accidents, whether fatal or not, can be devastating to both the victims and his or her loved ones. If you or someone you know has been hurt in a Las Vegas pedestrian accident, contact the experienced attorneys at Parry & Pfau today.

(image courtesy of Nicola Tolin)