Steps to Take to Stay Safe on Nevada’s Roads

While avoiding an accident may seem almost impossible because of the sheer number of motorists on the roads in Las Vegas and the rest of Nevada, there are some steps you can take to ensure your safety. From car maintenance to safe driving habits, do not leave the safety of you and your loved ones in the hands of others on the road.

Basic Car Safety Tips

While it may seem obvious, keeping your car in good condition, both under the hood and inside the vehicle, is key to staying safe. Below are some basic safety tips.

  • Keep windows clear: You have to be able to see clearly through your front and back windshields, as well as all side windows. This allows you to react to possible safety risks. If your windshield wipers are streaking, smearing, or stuttering or leaves an opaque or blurry film when used, you must replace them. Be sure to keep your car’s windshield wiper fluid levels full during all seasons;

  • Functioning lights: Your car’s lights not only let you see the road in front of you, but they also make you visible to other drivers on the road. Simply put, it is critical that all of your vehicle’s lights are properly functioning. Besides your headlights, your brake lights are essential when you are driving on the road. Malfunctioning brake lights put you and your passengers at risk of being struck from behind by a vehicle if you make a sudden stop. Be sure to replace bad bulbs and fuses regularly and remove haze from lenses.

  • Take care of your night vision: Many drivers compromise their night vision abilities by having too much ambient light inside their vehicles when driving in the dark. Be sure to set your vehicle up so that your interior lighting is at the lowest level possible while still being able to see critical gauges when your night lights are on.

Basic Safe Driving Tips

To be clear, safe driving depends not just on the person behind the wheel but also the conditions inside the vehicle. Make sure that all passengers are secured in their seatbelts, that front airbags are not obstructed, and that side airbags are not blocked with improper seat covers. Be sure to wear the right shoes so you have access to the gas and brake pedals and avoid putting down plastic floor mats over your car’s factory-installed driver’s side mat. Any items that are loose and unsecured in your vehicle – bottles, cans, stuffed animals, decorations, etc. – can quickly become projectiles or get caught under the brake pedal in the event of an accident.

Finally, distracted driving is one of the top causes of car accidents not just in Las Vegas, Nevada but throughout the United States. Whether the distraction is caused by the navigation system, the car radio, a phone call, a text message, or a chatty passenger, the results can be devastating or even deadly. Just a few seconds of distracted driving can result in a serious Las Vegas car accident.

Personal Injury Help

If you or someone you know has been hurt in a Nevada car accident, contact the skilled and knowledgeable personal injury attorneys at Parry & Pfau today.

(image courtesy of Diego Jimenez)