Increased Risk: Las Vegas Scooter Crashes

Nevada’s sunshine and warm climate has unsurprisingly brought the nation-wide phenomenon of scooter riding to our state, making it a popular mode of transportation here. While it is true that scooters and mopeds are more economical and fun to drive than other transportation options, they can be dangerous. The risk of a serious accident is even higher when a scooter or moped is being ridden on busy roadways. This is because drivers in passenger vehicles often fail to see mopeds and scooters, turning out in front of them or even side-swiping them.

How Scooters and Mopeds Differ From Motorcycles

As an initial point, mopeds and scooters are smaller and much quieter than motorcycles. For this reason, because they provide less protection for their riders, accidents involving mopeds and scooters often cause more serious injuries. Under Nevada law, in order for a vehicle to be classified as a scooter or a moped, the engine must be less than 50 cc and it can not top speeds above 30 miles per hour on flat surfaces. Should a vehicle have a larger engine, it is considered a motorcycle under Nevada law. While the state does not mandate insurance coverage on mopeds and scooters (i.e., vehicles with engines that are 50 cc and smaller), it is still recommended for drivers to carry at least minimal insurance coverage in the case of an accident. Basic insurance coverage should include collision, which covers damage to the scooter or moped itself;  liability, which protects the driver against any major medical costs if he or she hits a pedestrian while driving the scooter or moped; and medical, which would cover any medical costs for the driver’s injuries as a result of the crash.

Proving Fault in Moped and Scooter Crashers

Anyone who suffers injuries after a Nevada moped or scooter accident should seek monetary compensation for harm incurred. In order to succeed, however, you must prove fault, commonly referred to in the legal field as liability. Liability is often disputed in accident cases because those who ride mopeds or scooters can be seen as taking an unnecessary risk when choosing this method of transportation. It is not uncommon for moped and scooter riders to ignore traffic laws or ride their vehicles in areas where they should not.

The most common causes of moped and scooter collisions include failing to maintain the proper following distance as well as failing to check for obstacles in the roadway. Moreover, those driving passenger vehicles may fail to check their blind spots while changing lanes or open their doors into traffic and block a moped or scooter. Other causes of these types of accidents include moped or scooter driver’s traffic violations such as riding in the bicycle lanes, passing other vehicles on the right, or overcorrecting on a turn.

Personal Injury Lawyers

If you or someone you know is involved in any type of vehicle accident, whether or not it involves a scooter or moped, the first thing to do is seek immediate medical assistance. While you may fear the possibility of piling medical expenses, rest assured that your costs will be reimbursed with the assistance of the skilled Las Vegas personal injury attorneys at Parry & Pfau. The same is true for lost wages, including past and future, as a result of injuries suffered from the crash.

(image courtesy of Anastasiia Tarasova)