Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Las Vegas Car Accident Claim

When you are involved in a Las Vegas car accident, it can be difficult to think clearly right after the collision. This common factor is likely why many car accident victims make mistakes in the moment that hurt their personal injury claims at a later point in time.

Common Mistakes

Below are common mistakes that car accident victims make:

  • Doing it solo: Sometimes people try to save money by not hiring a personal injury attorney. This decision, however, often ends up costing the injured person more at the end than what he or she may have saved initially. This is because an experienced personal injury attorney will be able to properly assess the case and determine what a fair settlement should be, weighing that against the likelihood of winning in court in front of a jury;

  • Not calling the police: Law enforcement officers collect important information after a car accident that is necessary if a personal injury claim is filed after the crash. Police officers also take photographs of the crash site, can issue a ticket to the at-fault driver, and take everyone’s information. All of this can serve as strong evidence to support your case;

  • Failing to gather evidence: If you are well enough to stick around after the crash, be sure to gather evidence to supplement the police report. This includes photos and video footage, other drivers’ insurance information, witnesses’ names and information, and other evidence. If you need immediate medical assistance, see if someone else can stay behind and gather this on your behalf;

  • Saying something wrong: Under Nevada law, anything you say can be used against you. During the confusion after a car crash, you may say something you may not mean to say – including admitting being guilty when the crash was not, in fact, your fault;

  • Not getting medical help: If you suffer from any symptoms post-accident, seek medical treatment right away instead of toughing it out. Not only is this important to your health and recovery, but it will also help build your personal injury claim. Keep track of who you see, get copies of medical records, hold onto expense receipts (including travel and treatment), and keep a journal to record any changes in your health;

  • Inconsistent medical treatment: Even if you start medical treatment right away after a car accident, doing so will not be as helpful if you are not consistently seeing these medical professionals. Do not stop treatment until you have completely healed and make sure to report symptoms to various treating doctors in a consistent manner.

Legal Help in Nevada

If you can avoid these common mistakes, the complexity and difficulty of your Las Vegas personal injury case can be decreased and result in a more fair recovery. Contact the skilled personal injury attorneys at Parry & Pfau for help with recovering monetary compensation for harm suffered in Nevada.

(image courtesy of Tom Coe)