The Most Common Mistakes Made in Personal Injury Claims

If you or someone you know has ever been involved in an accident that caused injuries, you likely understand how confusing and stressful the situation can be. Feelings of being overwhelmed remain long past the immediate aftermath of the accident. That being said, it is important to keep your mind clear during this process. This will make sure you do not make unavoidable mistakes that could make the process of filing a personal injury claim more frustrating that it is already.

Avoid Costly Mishaps

Below are the most common mistakes made by personal injury victims, and tips on how to take the right measures so you can reduce these consequences or avoid them altogether in your Nevada personal injury case.

  • Representing yourself: Even though you trust professionals to do other things for you, such as dry cleaning, plumbing, or car repair, you may be considering handling your own personal injury claim. This is not a good idea. With so much at stake, especially if your injuries are severe, why try to navigate this complex area of the law and risk getting nothing? This is a mistake that no Nevada personal injury victim should make.

  • Delaying medical treatment: You may feel fine after an accident or think your injuries are just minor. Unfortunately, many times personal injury victims realize they actually suffered a more serious medical problem than what first seemed. Choosing to delay medical treatment hurts your Nevada personal injury case. Not only do you put your health at risk, but the insurance company will likely argue your injuries were not so bad since you put off treatment. Protect both your health and your claim by immediately seeking medical treatment after a Nevada personal injury accident;

  • Not speaking with a lawyer: Seeking legal advice and actually hiring an attorney are two different things. Before you make any decisions on your case, even whether or not to pursue the claim, speak to a lawyer. This is risk-free to you because nearly all personal injury lawyers provide free initial case evaluations;

  • Giving a statement: Insurance company adjusters call a personal injury victim immediately after an accident and urge them to provide a statement. These statements are often in writing, but sometimes they are recorded in an in-person or telephone interview. These adjusters will make it sound like it is your legal obligation to provide a statement right away. This is not true. In fact, these statements often hurt your personal injury claim;

  • Posting on social media: Any social media activity, even if it does not directly relate to your personal injury case, will likely be taken out of context by the insurance company and may be used against you in your case. Instead of risking harm to your Nevada personal injury case, simply stop your social media activity until your case is resolved;

  • Ignoring medical advice: Even if you went to the doctor right away, you might fail to follow his or her advice. This is another mistake many people make. Beyond harming your health and ability to recover from your injuries, ignoring your physician’s advice will hurt your claim. The insurance company will argue you are not as injured as you claim to be if you are not following doctor’s orders.

Las Vegas Personal Injury Help

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