How Las Vegas Children can be Injured on Dangerous Playgrounds

Children across the country face many dangers around them daily due to the nature of our world. Some of these possible dangers are easily identifiable, like a Nevada car accident. If parents and loved ones address these potential dangers with safety measures like seat belts, car seats, airbags, safer vehicle design, and the like we can help keep our kids safe. Other perils children face are not as obvious. Nevada playgrounds are a prime example. While local playgrounds are popular locations for children to meet and play with old and new friends, these places also contain  numerous hidden dangers.

Danger at Nevada Playgrounds

When a child is injured at a Las Vegas playground, there are generally two types of legal claims that may be pursued on behalf of the victim. These include premises liability and product liability. A premises liability claim may be viable if the property itself was poorly maintained or visitors to the playground were improperly warned -- or not warned at all -- of the potential dangers. On the other hand, a product liability claim may be viable if the actual playground equipment was defective or unreasonably dangerous due to its design, manufacture, or marketing. According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly 45% of all playground injuries are severe. This means children suffer from injuries such as dislocation, fractures, internal injuries, concussions, or require amputation.

Liability in Playground Injuries

Often times, there are many different parties that have contributed to a child’s injuries involving a  Nevada playground accident. If a swing or other part of the playground equipment was negligently manufactured or designed, and the child was injured while using the defective equipment, the manufacturer would likely be held financially responsible for harm suffered by the victim. This type of personal injury accident would fall under a products liability claim. On the other hand, if a school, city, homeowner’s association, or other party responsible for maintenance of the playground fails to properly maintain the equipment, that is in a condition that is safe for children, one or more entities may be held liable for a premises liability claim seeking damages for injuries suffered by the child.

Once a defendant is found liable for causing the Nevada playground accident due to its actions -- or failure to act -- it will be held legally responsible to financially compensate the child for his or her injuries. Some monetary compensation that may be awarded by a court of law in a Nevada playground accident includes medical bills, pain and suffering, rehabilitative medical services, projected future medical expenses, and any other financial expense that can be attributed directly to the injuries resulting from the Nevada playground accident.

Nevada Personal Injury Help

If you are seeking monetary compensation for injuries your child or a loved one’s child has suffered in a Nevada playground accident due to the fault of another, contact an attorney right away. The other side will have a legal team of defense lawyers trying to reduce or eliminate financial responsibility. Do not let them have the upper hand in your important Nevada personal injury case. Contact the experienced Nevada personal injury lawyers at Parry & Pfau today for help in fighting for what you deserve.

(image courtesy of Aaron Burden)