Nevada Car Accident Stats for 2017

Studies show that traffic accident-related deaths across the state of Nevada have dropped for the first time in over 17 years, according to a report issued by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. That being said, statistics show that more pedestrians have been killed in Nevada traffic accidents than at any other point in the state’s history.

2017 by the Numbers

The Nevada Department of Public Safety (NDPS)reports that in 2017, as many as 305 people died as a result of fatal Nevada traffic accidents across the state. In 2016, 239 people died in Nevada traffic-related accidents. Officials have attributed the decrease in traffic-related fatalities to an increase in education, ambulance presence, and traffic enforcement in the Las Vegas Valley. Additionally, officials note renewals in efforts to protect and save lives. Nevada’s Highway Patrol (NHP) has continually stressed the importance of drivers and passengers wearing seat belts as well as drivers getting behind the wheel sober, obeying traffic laws and speed limits, and paying closer attention to the roads. Even while Nevada’s population increased, traffic deaths decreased in 2017 when compared to prior years.

Pedestrian Deaths

Pedestrian deaths in Nevada due to traffic accidents have continued to increase over the years, and 2017 was no exception. Pedestrian deaths jumped from 80 in 2016 to 100 in 2017, according to NDPS. Pedestrian deaths in Clark County significantly contributed to the rise in fatalities, with the county seeing around a 37% increase in 2017 than in 2016. Pedestrian accidents can be crippling or worse, even deadly. As can be seen, each year pedestrian deaths due to traffic-related accidents increase in Nevada, particularly in Clark County. Because of the large volume of foot traffic on sidewalks and crosswalks Las Vegas experiences on a daily basis, those visiting the city are at a higher risk of injury or death if they choose to walk. Nevada officials note that pedestrians are at risk whenever they enter a roadway, whether or not they have the legal right of way to cross. For this reason, all pedestrians should check twice before stepping out onto the street, even at marked crosswalks.

DUI-Related Deaths

While pedestrian traffic-related deaths increased, DUI-related deaths fell. Deaths resulting from DUIs dropped 33% in Clark County in 2017 when compared to the year prior, while deaths related to DUIs dropped 45% across the state of Nevada. Of note, Nevada passed a state-wide law requiring DUI offenders to install a device in their vehicles, similar to those required in other states, that would prevent the vehicle from turning on if it detects alcohol in the driver’s system.  Nonetheless, DUI—or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol—accounts for a large percentage of traffic fatalities on Las Vegas highways. Often times a drunk driver leaves the scene of the accident, and he or she may cause more destruction while fleeing. Targets often include construction signs, power poles, and other vehicles, to name a few.

Personal Injury Help

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(image courtesy of Johannes Plenio)