In Nevada 15½-Year-Olds can Apply for a Motorcycle Learner’s Permit

Obtaining a learner’s permit in order to be able to drive is a huge milestone in any teenager’s life. This transition into adulthood can be exciting and scary. Learning to be both a confident and defensive driver on America’s roads is an important skill that will be used throughout a person’s lifetime. At the same time, parents of new underage drivers must feel comfortable that their child is well prepared in order to be a responsible driver out in the world. This is especially true because studies show that teenage drivers are 20 times more likely to be in a traffic accident than adult drivers. In fact, as many as 33% of all first-year drivers are involved in an accident. A majority of car accidents are due to driver error.

Requirements to Obtain a Nevada Learner’s Permit

Under state law, in order to be eligible to apply for a learner’s permit the applicant must be at least 15 ½ years of age. The teenager wishing to apply must visit his or her local Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles department (DMV). There are several documents that must be submitted with the application. These include:

  • A completed DMV application form for the learner’s permit;

  • Because the applicant is a minor, his or her parent or guardian must sign the financial responsibility section of the DMV application;

  • Provide proof of identity and social security number (such as a certified United States birth certificate and a social security card);

  • Provide a completed Certification of Attendance DMV form, which is required for any applicant under 18 years of age;

In addition to providing the above, in order to successfully obtain a Nevada learner’s permit, the application must successfully pass a vision test and a written permit test. If all of the above is satisfied, then the applicant must pay the appropriate licensing and testing fees. Once this has been done, the Nevada DMV will mail the learner’s permit within 10 business days.

Restrictions on a Nevada Learner’s Permit

If a minor is issued a Nevada learner’s permit, he or she can only drive on the road while under the supervision of a driver that is either 21 years of age or older or has been driving for a minimum of one year. State law requires that the supervision driver be seated next to the driver with the learner’s permit at all times that the teenager is driving.

Once a Nevada learner’s permit has been issued, the teen driver will be ready for supervised behind-the-wheel training. In order to be eligible for a standard Nevada driver’s license, the applicant must complete 50 hours of driving practice (including 10 hours of driving practice at night), completion of a Driver’s Ed course or 100 hours of driving practice (including 10 hours of driving practice at night), and have held the learner’s permit for a minimum of six months.

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