Types of Burn Injuries and Your Legal Rights

It is predicted that over the course of a lifetime, most people will suffer some type of burn injury. There are many types of burn injuries. Some can be severe, even to the point of being life-threatening. Others may not pose a threat to life but need to be treated properly nonetheless. Some burn injuries result in disfigurement and scars that may be temporary or permanent in nature. The Nevada personal injury attorneys at Parry & Pfau understand the devastation a burn injury can inflict on an injured party and his or her loved ones. If you or someone you care about has been hurt in a burn injury, you may be entitled to monetary compensation from the at-fault party due to negligence.

Types of Burns Injuries

Burn injuries can happen in a number of ways and due to many different causes. The most common types of burn injuries include:

  • Thermal burns: These refer to burns that happen due to a direct contact with a flame or fire. These injuries cause damage to multiple layers of skin and the extent of damage depends on the temperature and duration of the contact with the flame or fire.

  • Electrical burns: These types of injuries occur when the burn victim comes into contact with live electrical current. If an electrical current passes through the body at a rapid pace, it can do significant damage. Unlike most burns, electrical burns cause damage underneath the skin and the injury is often not detectable by sight.

  • Hot liquid burns: This is the most common burn suffered by children and is often referred to as a “scald” burn. These types of burns can range from mild to life-threatening depending on the temperature of the liquid and how much contact the liquid had with the skin.

  • Chemical burns: This type of injury is most common in the workplace, although it can also occur in the home. These burns are due to strong bases or acids found in an industrial chemical or household product. They often cause damage immediately upon contact with the skin.

  • Radiation burns: Radiation burns may happen due to exposure resulting from medical treatment or due to a hazardous work environment. Radiation burn injuries typically cause internal damage, which is manifested through redness in the surface of the skin.

Burn Injury Statistics

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), it is estimated that more than 400,000 individuals die every year in America due to burn injuries. Beyond this, as many as 50,000 people suffer some type of burn injury. Studies also show that fires are the cause of more deaths in America than all other natural disasters combined. Nevada’s local Fire Departments respond to hundreds of thousands of fire calls in each city or county across the state. Burn injuries can cause severe pain and suffering, devastating the life of the injured and loved ones. Depending on the severity of the burn injury, recovery from a burn injury can be quick or can require months or even years of hospitalization, multiple surgeries, and rehabilitation.

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