Weird Laws in Nevada: 2018 Edition

There is likely no state in America that does not have some strange law on the books. Typically, these weird laws are very old. Perhaps at one time they made sense, but they no longer do. Some of these bizarre laws never had a purpose at all. Below are some weird laws that are still on Nevada’s books today.

  • Camels prohibited on highways: While camels are not the only animals subject to Nevada law, they do fall under one of the strangest ones. While it may seem like common sense that you should not ride a camel on the highway, at one time this rule was necessary. In the late 1800’s camels were brought into the state and quickly became a common method of transportation.

  • Masks Required for Everyone in Elko: This law mandates anyone who is walking on the streets of Elko to wear some type of mask. This law dates back to the 1900s and was put into effect because of a terrible influenza outbreak that happened in America in 1918. This mask law was an effort to control the outbreak.

  • Mustached Men Cannot Kiss Women: Eureka makes it illegal for a man with a mustache to kiss a woman. Strangely enough, laws prohibiting facial hair were quite common during the 1800s. Most of those laws, however, have since been made void.

  • Pawning Your Dentures is Illegal: The City of Las Vegas prohibits individuals from pawning their dentures. For some reason, it seems this was an issue as it required a law to be put in place to address the issue.

  • No Benches or Seats on Sidewalks: Apparently as an attempt to curb the homeless issue in Reno, the city passed a law that makes it illegal to place a bench or any other seat on a sidewalk or street. This applies to moving an existing bench.

  • No Hiding Shopping Carts: Specifically, Reno forbids individuals to hide spray-painted shopping carts in their basement. Apparently, spray-painting shopping carts was a common way to steal them. It seems enough people were hiding them in their basements that a law was required to stop the act.

  • No Lying Down on Sidewalks: in another attempt to reduce homelessness in Reno, the city placed a law on the books that forbids people from lying down on the sidewalk. The purpose is so that displaced people find another place to go and remain out of the sight of the public.

While you will likely not get a citation for breaking any of the above laws, it is good to know what is allowed and what is not, especially since these are still valid laws.

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(image courtesy of Bernard Hermant)