Boaters on Lake Mead Taking Precautions After Fatality

Last fall, officials at Lake Mead National Recreation Area (NRA) warned visitors about the possibility of severe storms accompanied by strong winds on a weekend afternoon. Las Vegas Now’s Channel 8 reported that most visitors seemed to be heeding the officials’ warning, which came the day after a 38-year-old California man died on Lake Mohave during an active thunderstorm. However, around 7:30 pm, dispatchers received a distress call about a possible drowning at the lake. According to Lake Mead NRA authorities, the victim, who was not wearing a life jacket at the time, was helping a neighboring houseboat that had broken from shore during the storm. Life jackets are essential for water safety, particularly because it is difficult to predict whether or not the whether will turn when you’re out on the water, or how quickly it will do so.

Water Safety on Lake Mead

When out enjoying nature, it is vital to take preparations for the unforeseen. There are several safety procedures that should be followed if you or someone you know is out on a boat on Lake Mead, including:

  • Checking what the weather forecast will be before boating on the lake. A seemingly sunny day can later turn into a dangerous afternoon. This is particularly true during monsoon season;

  • Make sure you can communicate with others. Cell phone service is limited on the water, at best. Always tune your marine band radio to channel 22A or 16;

  • Make sure to take your GPS on the water in the event that you become stranded, so that you can let emergency crews know where you are located;

  • If you see a storm approaching ahead, go to an inlet or a sheltered cove before it arrives. It is much easier to escape from a storm before it hits, particularly because boat ramps tend to become crowded after the storm.

  • All swimmers, skiers, and other recreational water sport participants should get out of the water if there are strong winds, strong waves, or a storm on the horizon;

  • Everyone on board must be wearing a life jacket at all times. Strong winds create large waves, making the water choppy and unstable for the boat, increasing the risk of being tossed overboard;

  • Slow drifting by dropping an anchor or empty bucket attached by a line into the water if your boat becomes disabled during a storm;

  • Pack extra food, water, and blankets in the event that you are forced to spend the night on your boat or on shore;

  • Secure all loose items in storage areas, under seats, or in the center of the vessel;

Nevada Boating Accident Lawyers

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(image courtesy of  Rod Sot)