Top Causes of Las Vegas Car Accidents

While Las Vegas and the state of Nevada can be an exciting place for visitors and residents alike, the busy highways and local roads are constantly busy, which increases the risk of car accidents. When someone is a victim of a Las Vegas car accident, it is critical to contact a skilled personal injury attorney right away. That being said, motorists driving in Nevada—whether within the limits of Las Vegas or beyond—can reduce their risk of car accidents by recognizing and keeping an eye out for the five most common causes of crashes in the state.

Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

Below are the five most common cases of Las Vegas car accidents in Nevada:

  • Distracted Driving: Whether it is driving while talking on a cell phone or sending text messages, eating while behind the wheel, chatting with passengers in the vehicle, or just keeping your gaze on the sights Nevada has to offer, when a driver’s mind and eyes are off the road, the risk of accidents increases.

  • Driving over the speed limit: Driving at a speed that is above the posted legal limit not only increases the likelihood of a car accident, but also raises the risk of the severity of the resulting injuries of the crash due to the high-speed impact.

  • Reckless driving: Failing to obey a stop sign, refusing to use your turn signals, or ignoring double solid yellow lines, are all ways to put yourself and others at risk of being hurt. Driving cautiously is always important, but especially so in a busy city like Las Vegas.

  • Driving under the influence: No matter if it is drugs or alcohol, driving while intoxicated is a recipe for disaster. This is an issue not just in the party city of Las Vegas, but in other parts of the country as well.

  • Dangerous road conditions: Snow, rain, uneven asphalt, or other dangerous conditions can pose a risk, particularly if the vehicle also has a defect.

Seeking Monetary Compensation

If you have the misfortune of being involved in a Nevada car accident, whether or not the cause is one of the above mentioned, there is a likelihood that you will end up filing a claim for personal injuries as well as damage to your vehicle. These claims can be resolved in several different ways; typically, the resolution is a settlement agreement.

Under Nevada law, specifically NRS section 41.141, an injured victim can recover monetary compensation related to a car accident, but the amount will be reduced according to the plaintiff’s share of negligence. In other words, any monetary award provided will be reduced by the percentage of fault that belongs to the victim, as found by a jury. As long as the plaintiff’s share of fault is not greater than the defendant(s), he or she will receive a monetary award.

If you or someone you know has suffered injuries as a result of a Nevada car accident, contact the skilled personal injury attorneys at Parry & Pfau. Our knowledgeable lawyers have fought for the rights of the injured across Nevada for years and are ready to fight for you, too.

(image courtesy of Jannes Glas)