Fatal Motorcycle Crashes Decrease in Nevada

The Governor’s Highway Safety Association (GHSA) recently reported that the number of motorcycle accident-related deaths in Nevada in 2017 has dropped when compared to the year prior. The GHSA’s preliminary numbers report that 54 motorcyclists died in traffic-related accidents in 2017; This number is a decrease of 20 deaths compared to the 74 reported in 2016. The drop in motorcycle fatalities is a 24% decrease in the state - which exceeds the national average 5.5% decrease.

Nevada, by the Numbers

Despite the good news, motorcycle accidents are still a serious risk in Las Vegas and the rest of Nevada. Reports also show that 22.6% of all traffic-related deaths in Nevada were motorcyclists. When this number is compared to other states across the nation, Nevada ranks on the top of the list. In short, the state of Nevada has a long way to go when it comes to preventing car accidents and keeping its drivers - particularly motorcyclists - safe from serious crashes and even death.

The National Traffic Highway Safety Administration (NTHSA) reports that while 13 out of every 100,000 passenger cars are involved in a fatal traffic-related accident, 72 out of every 100,000 motorcycle accidents result in death. Moreover, motorcyclists are at a greater risk of an accident per mile traveled than those in passenger vehicles. For each mile traveled, a motorcyclist has a risk of an accident 35 times higher than those in passenger vehicles.

How Motorcycle Accidents are Different

Inherently, motorcycles are more dangerous than passenger vehicles. Unfortunately, this fact is a large reason why they are so popular. While motorcycles account for a mere 3% of vehicles on the road, there are 9 million registered motorcycles in the United States. As noted above, motorcycles disproportionality account for a large number of traffic accident-related injuries and fatalities. Therefore, not only are motorcycles more likely to be involved in a traffic accident that causes death or injuries, but a larger number of motorcycle crashes involve intoxicated drivers when compared to passenger vehicle crashes.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

The most common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Cars making left-hand turns, particularly when the motorcycle is trying to pass or overtake a car and the driver can not see or expect the motorcycle’s maneuver;

  • Lane splitting by motorcyclists, which is not only illegal in many states but increases the risk of danger due to reduced space for maneuvering;

  • Speeding and drug/alcohol use, as about half of all single motorcycle crashes are due to speeding or intoxication;

  • Colliding with a fixed object, which accounts for one-quarter of all motorcycle deaths;

  • Road hazards such as potholes, slick roads, uneven lanes, and other hazards pose a threat because motorcycles are less stable and smaller than passenger vehicles.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

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(image courtesy of Jan Fillem)