Electric Scooter Accidents

Electric scooters have become all a craze in multiple cities across the United States, and Las Vegas is not immune to this trend. That being said, Las Vegas officials have witnessed other cities struggle with the safety issues and sidewalk clutter these scooters can create when left after being used without any docking station available. Not surprisingly, there is a risk of consumers getting involved in a Las Vegas accident when using these electric scooters around town.

How They Work

Dockless electric scooters are available for use by the public in cities across the country. By unlocking the scooter with a smartphone app, a consumer can hop on the electric scooter and then drop it off at another location once he or she is done using it. One of the main benefits of using electric scooters is that people can travel where they need to while reducing their carbon footprint. Nonetheless, these modes of transportation can be dangerous. Indeed, many consumers ride these electric scooters without helmets and on pedestrian sidewalks, which endangers the rider as well as everyone else. This is because even though electric scooter users are supposed to ride on bicycle pathways or streets, many do not because of fear of getting into an accident with a vehicle.

Electric Scooter Injuries

Just like cyclists, those who ride scooters have virtually nothing to protect themselves from the impact of a collision with a vehicle or anything else. Because most riders do not use a safety helmet or any other safety gear, they are at even greater risk of serious injury. Pedestrians can also be hurt when a rider is illegally using the scooter on a sidewalk instead of the street or a bicycle lane.

Some of the most common electric scooter accidents include:

  • Fractures, including those to arms, wrists, and collarbones;

  • Muscle strains and sprains;

  • Facial injuries;

  • Traumatic brain injuries;

  • Cuts and lacerations; and

  • Bruises.

Suffering injuries from an electric scooter accident that was caused by another’s negligence can result in lost wages and piling medical bills. A victim of a Las Vegas electric scooter accident may be able to recover monetary compensation for injuries suffered through a personal injury claim.

Determining Fault

While it is often the case that the electric scooter rider who is disobeying traffic laws by riding a scooter in the wrong place is at fault, sometimes these riders are the victims of other parties’ negligent behavior. An at-fault driver of a passenger car or other type of motor vehicle may be held financially responsible for injuries suffered. Sometimes these accidents happen when a scooter rider is sharing the road with other vehicles or crossing a busy intersection. An at-fault driver may be speeding, distracted, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or engaging in other negligent behavior. On the other hand, an electric scooter driver may injured in an accident due to faulty tires, brakes, or other mechanical defects of the scooter or the other vehicle involved in the crash. Whatever the cause of the accident, know that a victim of a Las Vegas electric scooter accident bears the burden of proving negligence or strict liability, depending on the facts of the case, in order to successfully be awarded monetary compensation for injuries suffered.

If you have suffered injuries in a Nevada electric scooter accident or know someone who has, contact the skilled Las Vegas personal injury attorneys at Parry & Pfau today.

(image courtesy of Nathan Dumlao)