Is it Legal to Bury Your Deceased Pets at Home in Nevada?

Any pet lover in Nevada has likely had to deal with the death of a beloved animal. It can be an incredibly emotional time and in some cases you might have to make the hard decision to put down your furry (or scaly or slimy) friend. One thing that you might want to do to make you and your family feel some comfort and closure about your situation is to be able to bury your pet at home. But in some places it is not legal to bury the family's deceased pet in the backyard.

It it Legal to Bury Your Deceased Pets at Home in Nevada?

If burying your deceased pet at home would bring you peace of mind, home burial may be an option for you, but whether home burial is legal where you live depends on the local ordinances regarding this particular matter. You can look up your local ordinances online, or you can usually ask a local veterinarian whether home burial is permissible in your area.

If you are going to bury your deceased pet at home, and it is legal to do so where you live, make sure you pick a nice spot where you can prepare a grave that is at least three feet deep. You should prepare your beloved pet for the burial by placing him or her in a heavy duty plastic bag and inside a sealed container of some sort. These steps are for safety and for deterring other animals from being drawn to the body.

Other Options for Pet Owners

What if you do not own land where you can bury your beloved pet, or your county or city prohibits home burial of deceased pets? You have two other options. Your first option is that you could have your pet cremated, and you could bury the ashes at your home. Your other option is to locate a dedicated pet cemetery and have your pet laid to rest there.

Losing a pet is tough for anyone of any age. If you loved your pet, it does not matter how large or small it was, that pet played a big role in your life. Grieving for a deceased pet is only natural, and wanting it to have a final resting place near your home is something a lot of folks want. The legality of home burial for deceased pets is a matter of local law, and you will need to find out what the laws are for where you live.

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