Is it Legal to Wear a Mackintosh in Nevada?

A mackintosh is a full-body rain-coat. It is long, and is often tied with a waist belt of some sort. The rain-resistant coat is very stylish, and effective when it comes to keeping the wearer dry. However, these coats also have a history or raising suspicion. Due to the long design of these coats, a Mackintosh can be used to conceal something large, such as a long-bodied weapon, like a rifle or a crow bar. Considering this, is it legal to wear a Mackintosh raincoat in Nevada?

No Law Against Wearing a Mackintosh Rain Coat

There are not many restrictions when it comes to what people in Nevada can legally wear and what they cannot. For instance, there is no law in Nevada that expressly prohibits the wearing of a Mackintosh rain coat. There is also no law against wearing protective armor, like a bullet proof vest (unless you have been previously been convicted of a felony). It is legal to wear masks or costumes in Nevada, as well, and if so desired, men can dress like women and women can dress like men.

On the other hand, there are laws that require people in Nevada to wear certain items in specific situations, usually for the purpose of safety. For example:

  • You are required to wear a helmet and protective eyeglasses when riding a motorcycle.

  • Children under 13 years old are required to wear life vests when in a boat on the water.

  • Boat operators are required to wear a boat cut-off lanyard.

  • Nevada is even considering passing a law that will require police to wear body cameras.

Is There Anything That You are Not Allowed to Wear?

In Nevada, you are largely free to wear whatever you want, even costumes. However, a line can be crossed if you are wearing something for the purpose of tricking others into thinking you are someone you are not. For example, it is illegal to dress as a police officer, judge, or military personnel for the purpose of impersonating one of these professionals. Impersonating an officer is illegal in Nevada, and is a criminal offense that is taken seriously.

Wearing a police officer’s uniform on Halloween for example, would not be illegal, unless you actively portray to others that you are an officer of the law when you are not. If you are dressed in costume as an officer of the law, a military officer, or an officer of the court, when you are not actually one of these professionals, it helps to make clear to those around you that you are in costume. You do not want others to make the mistake of assuming you have legal or military authority that you do not actually have.

If you want to wear a Mackintosh raincoat, it is legal in Nevada. You have a lot of freedom to wear what you want in the state. 

(image courtesy of Gabriele Diwald) 

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