High School Sophomores Safer Drivers Than Seniors, Study Shows

According to a recent survey conducted by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company (“Liberty”) and Students Against Destructive Decisions (“SADD”), older teen drivers are more at risk for car accidents than their younger counterparts. Older teens were also at a higher risk for engaging in dangerous driving behavior and were more likely to be involved in near misses. In fact, the study showed that high school seniors were at the highest risk for these incidents, particularly when compared to high school sophomores.

By the Numbers

A 2017 Teen Driving Study, which involved 2,800 teenagers from high schools across the country, revealed that 34% of sophomores studied had accidents or near misses. Seniors, on the other hand, had a 57% rate for the same issues. Additionally, the study identified behaviors, or risk factors, that were believed to contribute to riskier driving habits among the teenagers studied. The study showed the following distractions:

  • App usage: 67% of high school seniors confessed they used apps while driving, compared to 49% of sophomores who reported the same habits;

  • Cell phones: 71% of seniors compared to 55% of sophomores used a cell phone while behind the wheel;

  • Speeding: 35% of seniors admitted to driving above the speed limit, while only 18% of sophomores admitted to the same habit;

  • Passengers: 47% of seniors routinely have three or more passengers in their vehicle while only 31% drive with the same number of passengers;

  • Tiredness: 26% of seniors said they were likely to drive while drowsy while only 13% of sophomores said the same.

Other Findings

The Teen Driving Study attributed these bad habits and risky behaviors in older teen drivers to their greater confidence in their driving skills as compared to younger colleagues. Seventy percent (70%) of sophomores who participated in the study noted they would have to surrender their driver’s license if they had a car accident, only 55% of seniors believed their access to a car would be revoked in the event of a crash. Because high school seniors are closer to adulthood than high school sophomores, experts say it is normal for older teen drivers to gain confidence and become more likely to test the limits as consequences of their actions begin to decrease.

Nevada Car Accident Lawyers

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