Is It Legal to Join Ashley Madison?

For those seeking a little side business to go with their marriage (and risk ending it), the internet has plenty of options. One of those being the infamous Ashley Madison website. Its motto is (not-so ironically) "Life is short. Have an affair."  In the world of Las Vegas personal injury lawyers that smells a lot like divorce.

The "discreet" infidelity website had almost 40 million users when it was hacked last year, revealing the identities of some pretty big names and sending shockwaves through the economic and legal realms. Public shaming was also part of the fallout.

While sites like Ashley Madison may be nowhere on the average person's moral spectrum, it is completely legal to be a member. There are virtually no laws in the United States that spells out what a website can and cannot have on it (with the obvious exception of child pornography). As for violating a "marital contract," that's not illegal either, though in some states (not Nevada), infidelity can be a basis for divorce and increased alimony.

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