Should I Always See a Doctor After an Accident?

If you have recently been in an accident but your body feels fine, you still may want to consider visiting with a doctor. The reason for this is that your physical symptoms after an accident might be festering but you can’t feel them yet.

After an accident, individuals typically get a rush of adrenaline that removes the symptoms that they will be feeling after the adrenaline rush goes away. Just like an athlete that gets injured in a game but does not feel the effects until after all of the excitement is over, the injuries you incurred because of a slip-and-fall or car accident may not manifest until days after the actual injury.

Legal Reasons to See a Doctor After an Accident

If you choose not to see a doctor after your accident and the injuries sneak up to you a week later, it could hurt your case. Insurance companies look at that scenario as you trying to create an injury just so you can get money from them. They sometimes feel like, if you were “really” hurt you would have needed to see a doctor immediately and you probably weren’t in that much pain if you didn’t need to see a doctor.

Insurance companies also consider whether or not you went to the emergency room after an injury. If you did, they tend to think that your injury was more significant even though that is not always true. Insurance adjusters that investigate injury claims not only look at how much medical treatment you needed but whether or not the treatment was reasonable. If you do not visit with a doctor right away, they could consider your medical treatment as unreasonable and unnecessary.

Medical Reasons to See a Doctor After an Accident

For obvious reasons, you want to be healthy and pain free. Accidents, whether or not you feel immediate symptoms, can destroy your body and create lifelong injuries. Injuries can range from soft tissue damage all the way to permanent scarring and disfigurement (See Article: What Does Personal Injury Mean?)  The effects of soft tissue injuries can have less obvious immediate symptoms but they don’t necessarily have less impact on your life.

Even after you have seen a doctor, you will likely notice that different symptoms of the accident will come up. Be sure to tell you doctor about all of them. You will want to be vigilant about your health so that you can be sure to document everything with you doctor. If you do not, the insurance company is not going to be willing to pay for it. The expert opinion of a doctor will be critical in helping you feel better and also stave off potential long term effects of the accident.

Get a Lawyer

If you are concerned about protecting your legal rights against the insurance company, you should speak with a Las Vegas personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney can help you find the doctors that you need and communicate directly with the insurance company so that you don’t get run around in circles trying to get better.

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