Scooter Accident Lawyer Help

Riding a scooter in Las Vegas is a great way to get around. You can pick up a working scooter for under $1,000 and the cost of filling up the tank is a fraction of what it costs to fill up a car. However, on Nevada’s busy roads, there are a number of challenges that Las Vegas scooter riders face. The greatest of these challenges is the increased concern about the risk of accidents so we are going to offer some scooter accident lawyer help.

Scooter Riders take Caution

The popularity of scooter riding in the United States is increasing yearly. However, because scooters are not as prevalent on the Las Vegas roadways as in other cities around the globe, they are still in a dangerous category where Las Vegas drivers are not fully aware of their existence. As a result, the severity of the accidents that are caused by the absent minded drivers is continually increasing. For example, just in the last few weeks, two different Las Vegas scooter riders were killed while trying to get to their destination. (See Articles: Early Morning Scooter Crash and West Valley Scooter Crash)

A scooter can be less dangerous than a motorcycle because they are typically slower. However, riding a scooter does pose unique challenges that are also prevalent when on a motorcycle. For example, a scooter is typically and therefore more likely be in a driver’s blind spot. Also, a scooter rider who is not as experienced, may have difficulty handling emergency situations and making sudden adjustments based on the traffic.

How Scooter Riders Can Stay Safe

If you are looking for good tips on how to stay safe when riding a scooter, we have some suggestions for you.

  • Buy a good quality scooter with quality tires.
  • Always wear a helmet when riding a scooter.
  • Try not to ride at night when it harder for cars to see you.
  • Do not drive faster than the traffic and avoid darting between cars.
  • If you have to driver slower than traffic stay away from the fast lanes.
  • Avoid riding a scooter on rough or uneven surfaces where you could lose traction.

If Injured on a Scooter

If you have been injured while on a scooter because another vehicle hit you when they were not paying attention, you should consider all of your rights. For example, every medical bill that you have associated with the accident should be paid for by the other driver. Also, any lost work or pain and suffering that was a result of the accident should be paid for by the at fault driver.

In order to get the full compensation you need, you should speak with an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney. An experienced attorney can give you the information you need to help you through your injury.

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