How to Find a Good Lawyer

Lawyers are not necessarily well loved in today’s modern society. There are many reasons lawyer jokes are so popular. People have a general distrust for lawyers and in many cases that overall lack of trust has been earned.

However, there are occasions in people’s lives where they actually need an attorney. If that time comes, many fear that they will be taken advantage of by an attorney, or, at the very least, be overcharged. So, if you actually need an attorney to draft a trust, file bankruptcy or defend yourself in court, how do you find a lawyer you can actually trust?

This was the topic of a recent Forbes article. Here are some of its suggestions:

1. Ask your employer: Many times an employer will have a referral program that can point you in the right direction. You can interview the attorney and compare prices to make sure the recommended attorney is going to be right for you.

2. Ask friends, family, and professionals: Lawyers live and die by their reputation. If you receive a recommendation from someone that you trust, it is likely someone you should consider.

3. Reach out to your state or local bar association: Your bar association will have a list of attorneys it can refer you to. These lawyers typically go through a light screening process and can be a good resource.

In every one of these cases, it is important that you interview the potential attorneys. Make sure you feel comfortable with the attorneys and their pricing. Clarify their experience and make sure they are someone you can work closely with before you sign anything. Also, check the state bar website to make sure that there are not any disciplinary actions filed against them.

How to Find a Good Lawyer When You Really Need One


Matt Pfau is an attorney and founding partner at the law firm Parry & Pfau. Matt has a background in business consulting, estate planning, business start-ups and bankruptcy and is licensed to practice in both Nevada and California. A partner in the firm Parry & Pfau, he can be reached at 702-912-4451 or