Black Friday Shoppers Injured on Store Property

Black Friday shopping has become an American tradition. However, every year after the mad rush is over, reports of injuries and deaths can be found all over the US. Black Friday injuries have become a tragic consequence of some individuals’ lust for a door busting deal. In fact, a website,, has been dedicated to tracking the terrible deaths and injuries that occur on the day after Thanksgiving.

When a retailer creates a “door buster” of a deal, sometimes that is exactly what happens. The door is literally busted down and people get trampled on. These types of situations can create a legal liability where store owners can be held responsible for the injuries that occur on their property.

Store Owner’s Liability

When a store owner invites you onto their property to spend money based on an advertised deal, you are legally considered an “invitee” of the store. This means that the store owner is held to a very high duty of care for anyone that is on the property to shop.

If a store should be expecting a large amount of human traffic and it does not take the proper precautions to protect those who will be patronizing the store, the owners of the store will be responsible for injures that are caused due to their negligence.

If you have been injured in a store because of the store’s negligence, you should speak with a lawyer to analyze your situation. Many times, individuals have been able to receive compensation for their injuries. If you need to speak with a lawyer about a Las Vegas store injury, you can click here or call 702-879-9555.

Black Friday’s liability risk for stores


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