ATTORNEY Referral Program

Highest Personal Injury Referral Rate in Town!

At Parry & Pfau we are continually looking for ways to give back to attorneys that recognize our expertise and choose to refer clients to us. In our focus to create stronger relationships with other attorneys in the community we are offering a lucrative referral program to all Nevada licensed attorneys.

NRPC 1.5(e) allows fee sharing among attorneys where (1) the total fee is reasonable, and (2) the client consents in writing. Consistent with this rule, we will pay 35% of anything we recover from any personal injury case you refer to us.

That means that if you refer us a personal injury case, and our firm’s portion of the total recovery is $100,000, we will pay you $35,000—for doing nothing more than sending the client to a highly respected law firm: Parry & Pfau.

Parry & Pfau’s attorney referral program is a mutually beneficial targeted allegiance in which we have been able to help other attorneys build their practice. We allow other attorneys to focus on their primary practice areas without having to pass up on potentially lucrative personal injury cases. Attorneys who work in other practice areas are able to maintain a personal injury practice but let Parry & Pfau do all the work.

We also provide competitive referral fees for referrals for civil litigation cases, and estate planning and probate cases.

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