Airplane Accident

Aviation accidents are relatively rare, and traveling by plane is statistically safe. But if you're the exception, speak to an airplane accident attorney. 


Christopher Reeve famously lauded the statistical safety of plane travel in 1978's Superman (to be repeated by Brandon Routh in 2006's Superman Returns).

And although mile-per-mile, there are fewer aviation accidents than any other type of travel, airplane disasters also have more severe injuries and fewer survivors.

The law surrounding negligence in airplane accidents can be very complicated and can implicate a large number of potentially responsible parties.

One of the first things an airplane accident attorney will do in an aviation accident case is identify all the potentially responsible parties.

Depending on the facts of your case, the airline itself, flight personnel, maintenance crews, air-traffic controllers, airplane owners, and even other passengers may have caused your losses through direct or careless actions. The parts designers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers may also be liable if there are defective products responsible for the crash.

The nature of the crash also has to be considered. Your airplane accident attorney will want to know whether it is a private plane, chartered plane, or commercial jet. Or whether it wasn't an airplane at all, but a helicopter. Because not all aviation accidents are the same.

Commercial Airline Accidents

Thankfully, it is rare to hear about a commercial airline crash, though just in the last few years there have been some notable exceptions:

  • U.S. Airways Flight 1549 crashed into the Hudson River in January 2009. There were 100 injuries and no deaths.
  • Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashed in San Francisco in 2013. There were three deaths and 181 injuries reported.
  • American Airlines Flight 383 had an engine explosion as it was accelerating for take off, which resulted in an aborted takeoff and twenty reported injuries.
  • A Marine Corps. Lockeed Martin KC-130 crashed in Mississippi in July 2017. All sixteen passengers died.

Nevada has had its share of airplane disasters:

  • Bonanza Airlines Flight 114 crashed into a mountain south of Las Vegas in 1964, killing all 29 passengers.
  • Galaxy Airlines Flight 203 crashed just before the runway of the Reno Airport. All but one of the 71 passengers died.
  • TWA Flight 3 crashed into a mountain after taking off from Las Vegas in 1942. All 22 passengers died.
  • United Airlines Flight 736 crashed into a military fighter jet on a training mission in 1958. All 47 in the airline and the two crew members of the fighter jet were killed.

Speak to an aviation accident lawyer if you or a loved one were injured in a plane crash or if you've lost someone to an airplane accident. The airplane accident attorneys at Parry & Pfau will give you a confidential and free consultation.