Kaylee Calaguas

From fashion model to beauty pageant winner to working for her parent's dental supply company, Kaylee had already seen success in multiple forums before she decided to delve into the legal field. With unmatched tenacity, she walked into our law firm and convinced us that we should give her a chance—even though we weren't hiring. The rest, as they say, is history.

Since joining our team, Kaylee has earned her paralegal certificate at the acclaimed UNLV Paralegal Certificate Program, where she graduated after showing excellence in Torts, Contracts, and Legal Research and Writing.

She now handles many aspects of the firm's pre-litigation practice and is head of the firm's networking outreach and social media programs.

Contact KAYLEE 

Focus: Paralegal and Marketing
T: 702 879 9555
E: kaylee@p2lawyers.com



"Kaylee is conscientious and tenacious. She cares deeply about her work and stops at nothing to find solutions to difficult problems. "

—Matt Pfau

"Kaylee originally came to our office based on a cold call—she came to us and convinced us why we should give her a chance, even though we weren't hiring. We are glad she did and haven't looked back because she is professional and kind, and our clients always love to interact with her."

Zach Parry